Actual conversation with a friend of mine yesterday.

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"I heard..."

Let me stop you right there. WHENEVER one of my or your friends starts a sentence with this, it is not based in fact and has probably been passed down 2-3 times. Each time the truth has been diluted or deleted, if there ever was any real truth in the statement to begin with.

Friend: "I heard they inject you with the Covid-19 virus when they give you the vaccine."

Me: "Like a flu shot?"

Friend: "YEAH! Just like that."

Me: "When was the last time you got a flu shot?"

Friend: "Oh, I don't get those."


Come on man.

Arm yourself with the facts and not these half truths. Talk to a doctor. Look up a website. Lean on anything but your own paranoid understanding.

Let's begin here. I have a catchy chart. We all love charts and graphics right?

Our friends at Sparrow have a VACCINE PAGE dedicated to you and your concerns.

You need a video? Fine. I was getting tired of typing anyway. And I love that they start this one with debunking that whole "when they give you the shot, they're putting a microchip in you". Not true. And for those of you fearing the government is going to put a microchip in you to track you, you already have a cell phone and a smart speaker at home. They're already tracking and listening to you anyway.

That was a joke.

This is the video. It is filled with facts.

Take notes.

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