Ready for Lansing's first significant snow of the season?

Regardless of how you just answered - it looks to be on its way anyway.

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Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

While there's debate on how much snow the Lansing area will see and when, there's relative agreement that there'll be some. The general consensus among forecasters with the National Weather Service, AccuWeather, and Lansing area television stations is that Mid-Michigan can expect several rounds of intermittent snow beginning Tuesday (11/15) and continuing through at least Friday (11/18).

What the Local TV Stations Think

Meteorologist Andy Provenzano at WILX in Lansing thinks the area could see some snow stick Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning, with small, slushy accumulations possible in the afternoons.

Snow on back decks, overpasses, rooftops and windshields are possible overnight and early Wednesday.

- Andy Provenzano, WILX News 10

WLNS projects an 80% chance of snow on Tuesday, with even chances daily Wednesday through Friday before tapering on Saturday.

What the National Weather Service Thinks

The National Weather Service office in Grand Rapids isn't afraid to talk measurements this early in the week:

Snow will overspread much of Lower Michigan on Tuesday, continuing into Tuesday night. Light accumulations (2" or less) are expected in many areas by Wednesday morning, with spotty/intermittent snow lasting into Wednesday.

NWS forecasters caution that streets will probably stay wet during the daytime hours on Tuesday, but could begin to become slushy and/or slippery later in the evening.

They predict off-and-on snow beginning Tuesday and continuing through Saturday night, with the best chances of an inch or two of accumulation happening Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, then again later in the day on Thursday.

What AccuWeather Thinks forecasts around 2" of accumulation in Lansing from Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning, with slightly higher amounts possible in areas that get snow bands. Another tenth of an inch or two is possible Wednesday, with another 2" or so predicted for Thursday into Thursday night. Yet another inch isn't out of the question from Friday through Saturday night.

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

What They All Agree On

All the local weather experts indicate we should brace for January-like cold by week's end. It's likely the Lansing area will plunge below freezing day-and-night for three or four days in a row - which will cause local ponds and lakes to begin to freeze over.

As with all forecasts, predictions can and do change as time progresses. In any event, expect to see at least a few snowflakes this week!

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