Some Michigan ghost towns are so obscure, it gets difficult to find info or photos...but I have managed to get some from this former community: it's the town of Ensign in Ensign Township, Delta County (some sites list it in Masonville Township, but according to Google Maps, it's Ensign).

I was lucky to find the few remaining photos of this place when it had some businesses. Okay, only one or two.

Ensign was settled in 1880 by Edward Bennett, who named the town. The Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railroad came through in 1888. With the railroad came more settlers and business, and finally, in 1890, Ensign was assigned a post office. In 1894, the post office closed down for unknown reasons, but was later reinstated and back in business.

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I found some pictures that show the tiny post office – which is no longer there – and also of the old Magnusson grocery store (“fresh meats and groceries; tourist supplies”). The grocery has been long gone as well.

Ensign is another one of Michigan's 'lost' towns whose history seems to be mostly lost as well. Not much seems to be written about it. But it must have done well, at least for a good number of decades. I'm guessing it lasted at least until the 1950s.

There are a few homes scattered in the area, but no neighborhoods, blocks, businesses, or even old structures – except for maybe an old barn. Next time you're in the Upper Peninsula driving across US-2, you'll probably drive thru Ensign.

And not even know it.

Ghost Town of Ensign


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