It was a little over a year ago when companies started laying people off because of the pandemic. I lost my job in Detroit as well.  It was heartbreaking for everyone.  Restaurants were of course hit very hard because no one could eat out. If it was not for carry out, many more would have closed their doors forever.

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Things have definitely changed this year because now restaurants and fast food places need your help more then ever. says the pandemic left many restaurants without employees, and with school coming to an end, restaurants in East Lansing and many Michigan communities say they need help. There are help wanted signs all over Mid-Michigan. Chains like Taco Bell, McDonalds, Wendy’s and many restaurants in downtown East Lansing need workers NOW.

Employees at Baps Home Style Korean Barbeque, they say they’ve had their help wanted sign outside their window since even at the start of the pandemic. The owner said before the pandemic they had 20 employees but now they only have 4. Many of them were scared to come because of the pandemic.

That is the story at many food establishments right now. So if you, or anyone you know, needs a job there are plenty out there in the food service industry.  I actually worked at Burger King out of high school for a while. I have to say I enjoyed it, got to work with some great people, and got to eat all the fries and drink all the shakes I wanted. Let's not talk about the weight gain though. Yikes. I even had a short stint baking at Dunkin Donuts which also was not good for my waistline.

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