Oh no, say it isn't so!

East Lansing late-night favorite, Conrad's Grill, closes the doors to its main location. The State News reports that it's closed indefinitely. The problem? Joe Conrad, Conrad's owner says it's "because of a leasing conflict with the company's landlord, Ballein Management." Conrad also reports that he's been in conflict with the landlords for a few months over issues with the lease as well as possibly moving to a new space.

I'm so sad that this location is closed, it's definitely my FAVORITE place to grab a late-night bite after spending some time at the bars in East Lansing. But, I'm so glad that their other locations will still be open! There's one in Frandor as well as one on Grand River near Stoddard. There may be another location in the future as well, Conrad is looking for a new spot in Downtown  East Lansing. Read more about the closure HERE

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