Lansing, I'm truly begging you, please do not be THIS person.

Dangerous Lansing Intersections

I was on my way to work, and as part of my commute, I have to deal with the dreaded intersection of Saginaw/Grand River and 127/Howard/Homer. If you've lived or driven in Lansing for any portion of time you know all about this dreaded intersection.

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You've got people getting onto the freeway, people exiting it, multiple lanes, and one-way traffic. That brings me to my point today... Please, for the love of all that is holy... PAY ATTENTION to one-way roads!

Driving the Wrong Way Down One-Way Roads in Lansing

I was sitting at the light, minding my own business, waiting to make my turn onto the freeway, when wouldn't you know it, a car turned the wrong way down the one-way street I was on and was coming straight towards me. Thankfully, I think they realized the mistake they had made because they stopped at the intersection (perhaps only seeing the back of a traffic signal tipped them off?)

This is a regular occurrence at this intersection. This is not the first, second, third, or heck, even the tenth time I've witnessed this happening.

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Here's the thing; regardless of whether you are or are not familiar with this area, there are LOTS of signs warning you that these streets are one-way. And I'm not talking about just a couple of small signs. No. I'm talking multiple BIG signs warning you of the flow of traffic.

Google Maps

Like these signs that say "DO NOT ENTER" and "WRONG WAY".

Or the "one way" signs in the picture below.

Google Maps

There's even this sign with arrow and the circle with the line going through it; the classic symbol for do not go this way.

Google Maps
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So please, Lansing, I'm begging you... PLEASE do not be the person driving the wrong way down the one-way roads near Saginaw and 127.

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