Should you pass a police officer while driving along a Michigan highway?

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Allow me to clarify the question at hand. I don't mean, is it okay to pass a police officer who's stopped on the side of a freeway. Or, is it okay to pass an emergency vehicle that has it's lights on. I know in those instances there are laws about slowing down or stopping and moving over.

No, I just mean, can you pass them? Like, them in the right lane and you in the left lane kind of passing. Am I going to get pulled over the second the officer can get into the left lane and flick their lights on?

 Is It Legal to Pass a Police Officer While Driving on the Highway?

Sources within the state police say that "As long as you're going the speed limit, pass away. But as soon as you go above the speed limit, you are speeding, and you can get pulled over."

The one caveat is the weather. Are you driving too fast for the weather conditions? Now, who's to say what's too fast for the weather conditions? Because no matter what the weather conditions are, there will always be people going way too slow or way too fast.

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Keep in mind that a police officer may or may not have a speedometer on them to clock exactly how fast you're going. They may rely on visual cues, and if you appear to be exceeding the speed limit, you may get pulled over

Moral of the story, yes, you can pass a police officer. However, just make sure your don't exceed the speed limit to do it.

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