I turn to the Lansing Foodies Facebook page when I want the news on anything happening in the greater Lansing area. Some days, the news isn't always the greatest, and today's one of those days.

Another Greater Lansing Area Restaurant Suddenly Closes Its Doors

Sadly, Flap Jack Restaurant in DeWitt will be closing its doors for good. And what's even more unfortunate is that this came with very little warning.

According to the Lansing State Journal, "employees and family members of employees have posted about the closure since Wednesday." But confirmation by a manager wasn't made until today (Thursday, June 29th). It's also confirmed by the sign on the door, which is the picture that was posted on the Lansing Foodies page.

Flap Jack Restaurant in DeWitt Suddenly Closes

The manager also confirmed that approximately 20 people are out of a job. And because of the suddenness of the closure, they are quickly looking for new jobs.

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It is always so terrible when you hear about the closure of a business. Because it's not just a business that's closing, it typically means that people are out of jobs as well.

Multiple Lansing Area Restaurants Have Closed in 2023

Flap Jack in DeWitt joins a disheartening list of other Lansing area restaurants that have closed recently.

In the last few months alone, we learned of multiple restaurant closures;

Hopefully, all of these employees were and are able to find new jobs. And one day, maybe we'll get new businesses at these former restaurants.

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