Earlier this month (June 2023), we heard about multiple Lansing area restaurant closings.

Lansing Restaurants That Have Closed

On June 9th, we learned that cafe PappaRoti in East Lansing had closed. And on June 12th, we learned about two more restaurant closures; YaYa's Flame Broiled Chicken and Lefty's Cheesesteaks.

At least with YaYa's we learned about it right away, as an announcement went out on the Lansing Foodies Facebook Group. And once news breaks there, basically everyone in Lansing will know about it. However, PappaRoti and Lefty's Cheesesteaks seemed to have closed quietly, without letting anyone know.

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Now, we have another one of those situations on our hands.

Arcadia Smokehouse and Brewery in Lansing Has Closed

It seems that another restaurant has quietly closed its doors for good, and this time it's Arcadia Smokehouse and Brewery in Lansing's Eastside Neighborhood. The "available" lease signs in the window pretty much sealed its fate.

Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing
Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing

Arcadia Smokehouse originally opened at the former PNC Bank location back in October 2018. It survived the pandemic, but more recently, things seemed to have slowed down for them pretty heavily for the restaurant. Which seems to have lent a hand in its closure.

I wanted to find out when they closed because I hadn't heard anything about that. So, I searched for Arcadia's Facebook page; there is none. And Google still says they're open.

Google Screenshot
Google Screenshot

There was one source that seems to have known about the closure before anyone else; Lansing's subreddit (r/Lansing).

Lansing's Subreddit Knew Arcadia Smokehouse Had Closed

User gdarb posted to the Lansing subreddit on April 29th, saying, "Looks like Arcadia is closed and the building is for sale. Too bad. Seems like they flew under the radar but I liked stopping in for a beer". So even at the end of April, people didn't know it had closed.

It's always sad to see a restaurant leave the Lansing foodies scene. Goodbye, Arcadia Smokehouse.

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