I'm always talking about how much I love seeing people go after something they're passionate about. Well, do you know what I love even more? When those individuals share that passion with others and teach them how to get involved.

That's the story of two people who took an old post office and turned it into a cute little retail store in Detroit.

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About POST

POST isn't new to the city of Detroit, it started in 2017. However, it's new to me and I figured, I'd share my discovery because there's a chance others aren't aware of this charming place.

The founders of Mutual Adoration, Clare Fox and Wayne Maki, decided they wanted to expand their multi-faceted independent business on Detroit's East Side. So they transformed a former U.S. Post Office that was built in 1940 into a "production studio, retail shop, and venue for craft workshops."

POST features over 300 artists/makers and their mission is to share those crafts with others through hands-on education. If you're interested in expanding or even learning a new talent, check out some of their workshops.

How cool is this video of one of their woodturning workshops?! Pretty impressive, huh?

This is such a great place to shop not only for yourself but for that difficult person that seems like they have everything. POST has a ton of different items in their store like sculptures, skin products, nursery decor, kitchenware, accessories like jewelry, ties, bags, shirts and more!

They're located at 14500 Kercheval St., Detroit, MI 48215

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