I absolutely love going out to eat.  Stems from when I was a kid, I think. With 8 brothers and sisters it was a real treat to go to a restaurant once in a while. Also love trying new restaurants, and all kinds of different foods and menus. There really is not any food that I don't like, and I will try anything once.

This is exciting, the countdown is over because restaurant week in Delta Township kicked off Monday and it goes through the March 22nd according to fox47.com.

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This is the first year of restaurant week, and I bet there will be many more. Mostly because folks are ready to be out as we get back to normal. This event is to get patrons out to their local restaurants and show support for their community.

Delta Township Supervisor Ken Fletcher says they're thrilled to bring the concept to Delta Township, We understand our businesses are hurting right now, especially our restaurants. This is an effort to encourage the community to support Delta restaurants as they bounce back from a difficult year," Fletcher said.

Here are the themes for the week that we can look forward to:

  • Today, Middle Eastern
  • Thursday18th, Asian
  • Friday 19th, Seafood Bar
  • Saturday 20th, Breakfast, Bakery, and Coffee
  • Sunday 21st, Italian/Pizza
  • Monday 22nd, Quick and Casual

This is going to be fun, and many restaurants in Delta Township are offering promotions or specials. All you have to do to get a special or promotional is mention restaurant week to your server or when you place your take-out order.

Here is all the info you need, Enjoy kids.

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