It's been a while since we all have enjoyed a live concert and I know county fans really miss them. Country artists are also anxious to get back on the road. Not only for the fun and fans, but to put their crews back to work. The employees of artists like many have been feeling the hardships of the pandemic.

According to,

"Ticketmaster and Live Nation are may have potential safety requirements for concert goers which include proof of vaccination, or negative COVID-19 testing. Here's how it would work, if approved: After purchasing a ticket for a concert, fans would need to verify that they have already been vaccinated (which would provide approximately one year of COVID-19 protection) or test negative for coronavirus approximately 24 to 72 hours prior to the concert".

I think fans are ready for concerts to return that they would not mind following these guidelines at all.

Some country tours that were canceled last year that would return to the road would be Blake Shelton who was about to embark on a long tour when the pandemic hit. Zac Brown Band, Little Big Town and many other country artists were all set to bring their tours to Michigan until they were canceled due to COVID-19 earlier in the year.

Tickets may be tougher to get too because they will probably limit the seating to be safe and could that inflate the ticket price.

So, what do you think? Is it to soon to start thinking about concerts?

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