Did you know that today is National Hat Day? Yep, it sure is and for those that didn't know, here's a description of what a hat is according to the 'Cute Calendar':

 A hat is a head covering. It can be worn for protection against the elements, for ceremonial or religious reasons, for safety, or as a fashion accessory. In the past, hats were an indicator of social status.

Of course, we all know that hats are very important to country music singers. Remember way back in December of 2014, when Tim McGraw was inducted in to the 'Headwear Hall of Fame'? (If you missed that big news, you can read more about it at WITL.com.) Plus, does any really know what the top of Jason Aldean or Kenny Chesney's head really looks like? See...that's my point. A hat is a very essential fashion accessory to many people. So, I say, let's all celebrate National Hat Day! :)