So you have dark pen in hand and your arm is cramping from filling in all the boxes located next to your candidates name. Has the thought ever occurred to you that there has to be a simpler way?  What if you could just step out side and yell the name of the candidate you support really loud and be done. Well it use to be that simple. Sort of.

According to the History Channel's "History Story" during the first 50 or so years of voting, one could wander down to the local courthouse, place their hand on a bible and swear on that bible they were the person they were saying they were. Then, after claiming they had not voted yet, they would yell out unabashedly, the name of the candidate they were voting for. It was then recorded by vote takers and said voter could return home.

Our founding forefathers crafted us the right to vote but never explained HOW the voting process would take place leaving it instead up to each individual state to come with their own means of tallying votes.  Obviously we've come a long way from shouting out the name our candidate.

Paper ballots were tried. Voters would just scribble the name of their candidates on a piece of makeshift paper and turn it in. Must of been some really good handwriting specialist on hand to decipher the messy writing.

The 19th century brought us voting machines that when you think about it, resembled slot machines at a casino. They were probably fun to use but the machines weighed hundreds of pounds and the maintenance had to be continuous or faulty counts became prevalent.

The 60's brought us punch cards and hanging need to go on about how successful that was.

Today we use a scanning process. So darkening the ballots on paper and scanning the results is not only more accurate but affordable and easy to mail and handle. Make sure you vote and if you feel like it, don't deny yourself a good yell if you want., I mean it is your god given right.

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