So my work wife Erica Gray and I hit a couple local lunch spots at least a few times a week so we can check out the local cuisine and get to know the area.  We have been to Leo's Lodge a few times (we love the BLT, fries and tater tots). We both have one thing in common: we are always hungry. And frankly, if I don't keep Erica fed, she gets real grumpy.

So we decided yesterday to go out for some Pho at Nola Bistro. It was pretty good by the way. Erica says it was the "Oh my these millennials" lol.

I decided to show her my new apartment, which is still under construction since we were near downtown. Well let's just say we had to sneak in.  A lot of construction workers were around, and it won't be done for two more weeks. We made our way to the 2nd floor as I noticed this look of worry on Erica's face. Dramatic as usual for her.  She says OMG we are gonna get arrested for trespassing. We ran into some construction workers who laughed at us and were kind enough to show us around. I explained I signed a lease here and he understood, gave us a hard hat, and showed us around. Erica then pulled a bottle of booze from her purse and we all did a shot. Ok I made the shot part up.

But I am excited about moving downtown and would love some suggestions on places to see and food and restaurant picks!

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