Many businesses in the Lansing area have not been able to keep their doors open as the coronavirus continues to affect us in Michigan. I was driving around the MSU area doing some errands on Saturday and it sure did not seem like a Saturday. It was very quiet as I went to the bank and picked up some carryout.

East Lansing too has seen many businesses closed or hurting as college students are just starting to dribble back to Michigan State University’s campus. I am sure it has been difficult on East Lansing business owners especially due to students not attending in-person classes last fall. Now that bars and restaurants are beginning to open, it is a welcome relief for everyone.

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Empty shopping malls already struggling to retain customers in the Amazon age have piled on to an ever-growing list of at least 70 local businesses that have either permanently or temporarily closed since March in Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos and other places in Ingham and Eaton counties.

Meridian Mall and many strip malls have been seeing lighter traffic as well in recent months. I would think now that bars and restaurants are open, folks will start to go to local businesses more often. I personally am looking forward to getting out more starting this week.

I live in Downtown Lansing near the ballpark, and it has been tough seeing everything shut down by 7 PM.  Even though the curfew will be 10 PM now for most places, I think it will help local bars and restaurants start to get back to normal.

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