With the holidays coming as we get ready for turkey, stuffing, ham, and those wonderful side dishes. Now is the time to binge on our favorite comfort food. One of my favorite is Mexican food and especially Taco's. I also love homemade tamales.There was a lady down the street from me as kid who made them scratch, and I have never had anything like them since.

And how about a Taco that cost's $25,000 lol.  Check this out from Cnbc.com.

"The taco’s foundation is a gold-infused corn tortilla, which is then layered with Kobe beef and lobster. Toppings include black truffle Brie (which costs $100 per ounce) and a dollop of Beluga caviar (which costs $700 an ounce). Then, more layers of gold are added on top to finish"

Pretty extravagant huh? But I will stick to a great tasting ordinary authentic street taco. Now a must on my taco's are jalapeños, sour cream, cheese, lettuce and tomato. I also do like a soft shell but will switch it up for a hard shell once in a while.

Here are the top 10 taco spots from Yelp in the Lansing area. 

  1. Taqueria El Chaparrito 
  2. El Oasis
  3. Pablo's Old Town
  4. Maria's Cuisine Mexican Food
  5. Pancho's Taqueria (Elmwood Road)
  6. Original Famous Taco
  7. Amanecer Mexicano
  8. Alicia's authentic Mexican Deli
  9. Pancho's Taqueria (Saginaw Highway)
  10. Punk Taco

One Fan wrote about Taqueria El Chaparrito saying,

“This taco place is seriously amazing!!! Authentic and delicious tacos. We tried asada and carnita and were not disappointed!!! If you haven't tried this place you are missing out"


Ok share, where is your favorite taco place? Download the app and let us know!

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