I moved to Downtown Lansing last October, and a little over a month later all the restaurants were shut down for indoor dining due to the Michigan order. Now I did do some carryout, but it was not the same for me. I really enjoy going out to dinner with friends, and to be honest, I don't mind going by myself. So now that restaurants are open, I plan on going out to dinner, and of course following all the safety guidelines.

Downtown Lansing has so much to offer restaurant-wise. I am finally able to venture out and explore all the fine cuisine in the area. Plus there are some cool bars downtown. Here are a few I have enjoyed: The Nuthouse, The Lansing Brewing Company, Stober's Bar, and the Tin Can Bar which has a Chicago beer I love called "Old Style."

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In the months to come, I plan on trying Yelp's top 10 restaurants in Downtown Lansing;

  1. Bowdies Chop House
  2. EnVie
  3. Midtown Brewing Company
  4. Soup Spoon Cafe
  5. Choupli Wood Fired Kabob
  6. La Cocina Cubana
  7. Zaytoon Mediterranean
  8. Goodfella's Bagels
  9. Good Truckin' Diner
  10. Lansing brewing company

Now, I've tried the Soup Spoon Cafe, and it was awesome. I also was at the Lansing Brewing Company a few times which had great food and a great staff. The rest on the list I have not tried.  I am looking forward to dining at the other 8 in the top 10.

Restaurants are now open at 25% capacity and have a curfew of 10 PM. But with the declining numbers in COVID-19 in Michigan, let's stay optimistic. We will be back to normal soon.

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