Question No. 1: Why is this fly still here? It was 15° the other morning! I thought most insects died off in below - freezing temperatures. Entomologists? Hello? (Taps from inside computer monitor)


                                                    Stay away from the Ritz Crackers


Question No. 2: Who started the "wear your baseball cap backwards" thing? Tough to take a proper nap, in a re-purposed, high backed office chair in your deer blind, with your cap on backwards. (I'm sorry. There are no photos of me taking a nap with my hat on backwards. When I have a hunting show, with a camera person and a $10,000 video camera, then you may get one.)

Question No. 3: People flying home from Thanksgiving with their loving family? Or the U.S. Government spraying chemicals to control an angry population? You be the judge.


                                                   Look up the term "chemtrails"


Question No. 4: Did this tree make a sound when it fell in the forest, just a hundred yards from my blind? I'm going to say...yes. I'm also going to say it scared all the big bucks when it fell across their normal path just before opening day, and that's why they never came close to my deer blind. Thanks a lot, "wind".


                                    Waiting patiently for a chainsaw and my fireplace


Question No. 5: Was it worth it to sit there all season and not come home with a big buck?

Yes. Saw some deer. Saw some old friends, met some new ones, had a few laughs and made plans to go ice-fishing with them after the first of the year. And as I get older, I've figured out THAT'S the best part of deer season.

That, and massive antlers on a dead deer. But...mostly friends.

Congratulations to everybody who connected this season.


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