So I have to tell you, I have never been been a huge fan of soap operas, but there is one that I loved. And that's "All My Children." I loved watching the everyday life of the folks in Pine Valley. I got hooked because my mom used to watch it. It happened to be on when I came home for lunch from school. I got hooked and remained a fan for many years. Out of high school I taped it on my VCR every day (remember those?) I so enjoyed  watching the antics of Erica Cane (Susan Lucci), and had a huge crush on Jenny Gardner (Kim Delaney).

If you're a fan like me, you're gonna be glad to hear about an "All My Children" primetime reboot. It's happening according to

I think this show was so well written and had so many characters from every walk of life. Rich, poor, and all suffered from everyday problems that we all have. Except for a pandemic of course. I watched the show for 30 years now that I think about it. So I am excited about its return.

Are you excited about this reboot? Is there a show you enjoyed that you would like to see return?

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