When we were kids, there were maybe 5 channels on TV with those rabbit ears. And you know we were happy. Who would have thought that someday we would see hundreds of channels with a thing called streaming with dozens of options. Crazy huh?

So I just moved in a new building, and of course the first thing I have to do is get TV and internet. Well check this out, they are only allowing one cable company in the building in Lansing. I found if I want cable it's $59.99 a month for a trial and then when that's over it's $99.95 a month for 140 channels, and that's the lowest tier. Plus $65.00 a month for internet. So I decided I am just gonna stream live TV and stick with Netflix and Amazon Prime.

If cable TV is too expensive for you and your family, you do have options according to Moneyning. The internet has made it easy today with more choices at competitive prices with Netflix and Hulu, which is the direction I think I am headed.

Here's a tip too. If you and say your thinking about a service, when you call they may give you a one time special offer. Thanks to all the new technology over the years, we now can make choices, so take your time and pick what's right for you and your family.

Sometimes if you call customer service they will drop your monthly bill if you say you are looking around. Also check out the bundle prices. They are usually guaranteed for one to two years.

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