You've probably seen those random green, yellow and grey squares popping up on your social media feeds lately, haven't you? Maybe you're one of the ones posting it and sharing your daily results of the latest craze, "Wordle".

Now, what started out as a simple, free, online word-guessing game has taken off and taken on many different forms/versions from dirty words to Taylor Swift...but what if there was a Michigan version?

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What is Wordle?

Wordle, per the New York Times, is a game that can only be played once a day in which the players have to guess a five-letter word. You get six tries and with each try the tiles will turn either grey, green or orange to give you "clues" as to where they belong.

Grey means the letter is not part of the word, yellow means its in the word but not in the place you have it and green means its in the right spot! From there, you have to use those clues to try to guess the "secret word" which would then turn them all green.

It was invented by Josh Wardle, who New York Times says is a software engineer in Brooklyn, New York. His partner loved word games so he created it, called it "Wordle" as a play on his last name and when it became a hit among friends and family, the rest of the world got to enjoy it too when it was released in October. In recent months it has seen a "meteoric rise."

Even more recently, the game was purchased by the New York Times themselves, making a seven-figure payday for Wardle.

Different Versions of Wordle

As Wordle began to rise, people across the internet got creative and tried their hand(s) at making new versions with other, fun themes!

For example, there is a version where users have to guess five-letter "dirty" words called "Lewdle". 

There is even a version for the queen of coded, secret messages herself, Taylor Swift, called "Taylordle".'

The most recent version we have come across, we're sure these are not the ONLY ones, was a new Harry Potter one with the funniest name we've seen yet..."Hogwartle".

A Michigan Version of Wordle    

While we were noticing all of these other, crazy takes on the game, we got to thinking..."Wouldn't it be awesome to have a Michigan-themed one?"

From there, we started brainstorming some five-letter words that all are either related to Michigan or mean something different to Michiganders than the rest of the world and before we knew it, we had created a whole word bank!

30 Words to Use for a Michigan-Themed Game of "Wordle"

The game "Wordle" has taken the world by storm with different versions ranging from dirty words (Lewdle) to Harry Potter-themed (Hogwartle) so here are the various five-letter words we came up with to use for a Michigan version! What would we call it? "Michigordle"?

Would you play "Michigordle"? What other five-letter Michigan words would you add?

Lastly, if someone does make this a real thing, would you please let us know!?


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