When it comes to guilty on-line pleasures, the internet is (as you well know) full of 'em. Celebrity news from TMZ about hook-ups and break-ups, questions you need answered through Reddit, becoming a medical expert on WebMD. And of course, there's porn. Lots of X-rated porn.

And what does Michigan go to more than most other states when we're online and bored?

Auction sites.

Yep, in fact, according to MLive.com, we're in good company, with people in Wisconsin and Minnesota showing the same preference. I'd say it's a lot of farmers looking for good, used farm equipment, but that doesn't explain North Dakota's love for cat videos and Nebraska's need to find a "Sugar Mama". Not to mention the XXX videos the state of Kansas is watching.

Anyway, the folks at HighSpeedInternet.com figured out each state's online guilty pleasure.


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