We all have our own ways of beating stress. I escape with a good feel good movie or go for a long walk. I have friends that find mediating and listening to spa music works for them. Exercise is another way I deal with it. I find I feel so much better when I am done with a workout and have a lot more energy throughout the day. You should also cut down on the caffeine when you want to feel less stressed. If I have more then 2 cups of coffee, I seem to feel more stress.

Another great way, and I am planning on doing this over the holidays, is to get a long massage. And if you're not sure where to go in Lansing, here are the best places according to yelp.com.

  1. Center For Therapeutic Massage (Washington St)
  2. Health & Harmony Massage & Wellness Center (Coolidge Rd)
  3. Zoe Life Spa & Salon (Millennium Drive)
  4. Fahrenheit Massage (West St Joseph)
  5. Creative Wellness (Asher Ct)
  6. Lena Maxson (Lansing and Surrounding Areas)
  7. Magic Touch Massage Therapy (Waverly Rd)
  8. Akoya (Clippert st)
  9. Trusted Touch Massage Therapy (Saginaw Highway) 
  10. Asian Massage (Pennsylvania Ave)

Now some enjoy the deep tissue massage, but I prefer a medium and the more relaxing approach. If you venture out and get a massage over the holidays, there is something you must do that I have learned this over the years. Drink a lot of water (8 glasses) the rest of the day to wash the toxins out. That's something we should be doing everyday anyway.

How do you plan on dealing with holiday stress?

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