I remember the day that the only thing I was stressed about was whether or not we had cookies at home.

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To be fair, I still stress about this. But it's very, VERY low on the list of stressful things in my life. And I know I'm not the only one stressing out. Just about every adult in America has stress that they deal with on an everyday basis.

The Most Stressed Cities in America

Work, finances, inflation, health... you name it, Americans are probably stressing over it. But some cities seem to be handling stress better than others.

WalletHub recently looked at over 180 cities in the United States and compared nearly 40 different metrics to find out which cities were the most and least stressed.

Well, I've got some sad news for some Michiganders...

Michigan Has One of the Most Stressed Cities in America

There's one Michigan city that ranks pretty high on the list for "most stressed", and that's Detroit.

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Overall, Detroit is the second most stressed city in America. The only city that fairs worse is Cleveland, Ohio.

Why is Detroit One of the Most Stressed Cities in America?

To determine which cities were more stressed than others, WalletHub examined a few key factors;

  • Work stress - How many hours you work, job security, and if you like your job
  • Financial stress - What's the annual household income, what your credit score is, and if you live in poverty or have food insecurity
  • Family Stress - If you are separated or divorced, and child care availability and costs
  • Health & Safety Stress - If you're in poor health, the number of binge drinkers and smokers, if you're getting enough sleep, and what the crime rate is

Looking at those factors, Detroit faired very poorly when it came to the average hours of sleep per night (we were the lowest on the list), the poverty rate (the lowest on the list), and the divorce rate (second lowest on the list). Our median credit scores also faired poorly, coming in at the 4th worst, behind Colorado Springs, San Diego, and Fort Worth.

On the other end of the spectrum, the least stressed city in America is South Burlington, Vermont. However, if you want to stay in Michigan, Grand Rapids did fairly well. Grand Rapids is number 143 out of 182 on the list from most to least stressed. It scored best in the family stress category. You can check out the full list HERE.

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