This of course has been a tough year for everyone, and I find myself doing more meditation and listening to things to inspire and motivate myself. I have been listening to various self help, religious, and inspirational folks like Wayne Dyer and Joel Osteen.

And you know what else I have been doing? Separating myself from the negative people in my life. You know the ones that say the pandemic is never gonna get better, or things will never be the same. I say BOLOGNA. We MUST stay positive as this year comes to a close. It is so important to keep positive people in your life.

Many people have been mediating more during the pandemic, and I am one of them.  Here are some ways to practice at home according to

According to Michael Baime, you need to

Take small steps. To start, aim for three minutes every day for a week to just be present.

I have been mediating before I go to sleep and have to say it's really helped me to sleep better and helped my stress. I have also been listening to spa music and light rain off Alexa as I fall asleep.

Please pass along some of your stress relief tips and how you have been coping with the pandemic.

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