Moving is one of the stressful things we all have to do in life, and being in radio most of my life, I have done it a half dozen times. I want to share my hard-earned knowledge with all of you, so here are some of the things I have learned in my experience.

Make sure the location is convenient to you.

If you have kids, check and confirm that there are good schools close by.

What's nearby? Stores and restaurants you like need to be close.

Check out the amenities in the building if you're moving into an apartment.

The thing I find hard is finding all that and more in the short time you have to find a place.  This time around, I decided to stay at a hotel for a month and look around. I did find a place in 7 days. I'm excited because I'll be living downtown, and I think I'm gonna love it its near the ballpark. I'll be able to walk to all the cool places downtown like restaurants, the capitol and more.

My partner Erica from the "Caddy and Gray" morning show found a place in Williamston because she likes seclusion. Erica also likes the farms nearby and the fact that there's also of parks and places to hike.

We both are looking for fun things to do in the Lansing area, so please feel free to let us know about anything fun we need to do. We also love to eat, so great restaurant tips would be great too! Also feel free to call us any morning at 517-363-2233.

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