No matter who you voted for, we can all bond over needing a drink!

Booze has been bringing people together for centuries and while it is not a recommended coping mechanism for stress, it sure does help.

As America laid in wait as it was time for all those ballots they either cast early or the day of the election to be counted and states to declare winners, people were looking up "Liquor Stores Near Me" in record amounts.

This information comes to us from The Wrap where aside from "liquor stores near me" popping up in the Google search trends, searches for "fries near me" and "move to Canada" also saw an uptick on election night.

Personally, I was reaching for some wine on election night, but Zippia says the "drunkest" state of all was Rhode Island and they were reaching for the hard liquor!

However, we here in Michigan don't have to feel left out of the fun, according to Zippia, Michigan was ranked at number six (out of 10) in the "drunkest" states on election night!

How did they come to these conclusions?

Zippia says they looked at Google Trends in each state to see who was searching things like "liquor stores near me" or "liquor stores that deliver." from that data they were able to assume that people searching those terms in those states had the intent to drink.

While we and Zippia do acknowledge that "intent to drink" is not necessarily the same as actually drinking, it's probably a safe bet.

As the results of this election keep flip-flopping and the drama continues throughout the week, you may want to still look up "liquor stores near me" and stock up!

Or, if booze isn't your thing, make it a real Michigan-made kind of night and stock up on your favorite Faygo flavors!

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