Well how about this for a little piece of Heaven on Earth? Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said today in her press conference that the doors of hair salons and barber shops can swing wide open on Monday, June 15th, baby!

I know that my wife immediately texted her hair person...that's hair stylist, right? I'm not sure what you call the person who cuts her hair. But I know what you call the person who cuts mine.


Here's the deal, if you happened to notice that in the title of this article I said I was getting a haircut on June 16th and not June 15, well it's because my barber is closed on Monday, which I mentioned above is June 15th when the Governor has said that every hair, nail and massage business in the whole state can get started again.

As I also mentioned above I go to a barber. That means that unlike a salon where my wife would make an appointment and go, when I get my haircut I just show up, wait my turn and then when it's my turn one of the barbers calls me up to their chair and it's on. The cool thing about that is that when you're in the barber shop, it's almost like down time. You get to hang out, usually a couple guys are shooting the breeze, there's usually a ball game or some hunting show or a movie on the TV and a few magazines to thumb through. Pretty laid back and relaxing.

However, the first come first served thing might prove interesting. By the time everyone opens back up, it'll be almost 18 weeks since I've had a haircut. If most of the clients of my barber shop are like me, there's probably going to be a run there the first few weeks I would think.

That's okay because I'm so excited about all of this that I might just sit out in the parking lot and tailgate while I'm waiting my turn. Maybe call up a couple of friends..."Hey, you guys need a haircut? Let's all go over and tailgate in the barber shop parking lot. Have a couple pops and a dog or two and wait our turn for a haircut".

Or, I've also considered doing what a lot of video game enthusiasts do when a hot new game comes out. They go to the video game store and sleep right out front until the store opens with the hot new game in stock. I've even passed by people who had an actual couch they were sleeping on in front of a video store waiting for it to open. No kidding.

While the ideas above are a couple things to consider, I think I'll just show up like everybody else on Tuesday, June 16th and wait my turn. I'm sure it's gonna be a long wait. But that's okay...

Boss, I think I'm going to need to burn a PTO day here in the very near future...

By the way, while the rest of us were getting hairier over the last couple months, check out the gallery below of the guys who show up without hair all the time and have no trouble pulling that look off.

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Here's Some Guys Who Show Up Bald All The Time And Pull It Off

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