If you were listening on Wednesday morning at 6:40 to our Brain Cramp Question, you learned a little more about the prom...specifically a "promposal."  Here's the question if you missed it:

Q: According to a new study, the average high school couple going to prom will spend $1,100 this year with $324 of that total spent on this "pre-prom" event. What is it? The answer...the "promposal".

So, what the heck is a "promposal"? Well, the defintion from UrbanDictionary.com says it is "a word referring to a proposal by either a male/femal to a prospective date for prom. "Promposals" can be as simplistic as passing a note or as elaborate as proposing with a flash mob with 10 friends in nothing but their underwear in front of the whole school." 

And now that we all might understand what a promposal is, click here to see some examples of the "BEST PROMPOSALS" from Pinterest.

As always...you're welcome! :)