Normally, when browsing sites like Zillow, people tend to gravitate towards the fancy houses that most of us only dream of living in.

However, today, this very affordable home in Ohio caught my attention for all the wrong reasons.

Listed at $75,000, this three-bedroom, three-bathroom home sounds like a steal, right? Well, as the saying goes, if it seems too good to be probably is. Yes, this home does have everything listed including a pool in the basement (which we'll get to because...yikes) but, it needs a lot of work. Or, as the realtor says, it's, "Loaded with potential."

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Speaking of, the listing realtor is Mike Wallace who can be reached at 440-333-1230, and Beth Wallace who can be reached at 440-782-6566. Both realtors are a part of RE/MAX Real Estate Group. See the full Zillow listing here.

Warning: these photos look like they were taken with a disposable camera from 1997 but were, in fact, taken in February of this year. Now, let's dive into this very "affordable" home in Ohio that, for some reason, has an indoor pool in the basement that's also surrounded by a cage:

A Basement Pool in a Cage? No Wonder this Ohio Home is so Cheap

This 3/3 home in Ohio is surprisingly affordable at $75,900...until you see the pictures.

That would be a big NOPE from me. But, hey...if you're someone who loves to fix up houses this one could definitely use it. Unlike this glorious mansion in Stevensville:

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