Women interested in firearms and self-defense can head out to this free event August 15th - 16th.

According to MLive, gun advocacy group Legally Armed in Detroit is continuing on with its annual training event that includes sessions on firearms safety, use, ammunition and participants get gun range time.

MLive, citing the Associated Press, reports there will be two locations for the event. Recoil Range will be hosting the first session on August 15th and Top Gun Range will be hosting on the 16th. Both locations are in Taylor, Michigan.

Self defense, especially for women, has become a big topic of conversation and, luckily, many businesses are accommodating to those concerns!

For example, in Lansing, there are many Krav Maga, Karate and Martial Arts establishments that offer self-defense courses and specific training sessions geared toward women.

Here are a few locations that offer courses for women:

Women's Self Defense Around Lansing

Being educated on how to defend yourself, either with a weapon or your own skills, is a great thing to have in your back pocket and it is awesome there are so many options people around the state and around Lansing to utilize!

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