Well this is a bit scary.

There's this website I just learned about called Family Tree Now; according to their website, they've got "one of the largest collections of genealogy records anywhere, and they're all 100% free to search!" But here's the problem: literally anyone with access to the internet can search for, and find your information using this site. So if "Joe-Schmo" knows your name, that's all he needs to find out all kinds of information on you.

It's not hard to find. I went on the website myself, and all I typed in was my name, and I found a WHOLE bunch of information that just anyone can view... my family and their names and ages, my previous addresses, and even my CURRENT address.

My advice is, check it out for yourself. It took me less than a minute to find my personal information on this website, and that means anyone else can too. Take a minute to head to the site and see if they have your information as well. There's a very simple way to opt out: Go to this website, familytreenow.com/optout follow the steps listed, and start the simple opt out process.

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