This July, "FIFI", one of two flying Boeing B-29s, the biggest U.S. bomber used in World War II, will be at the Oakland County International Airport, with a chance for you get up close and even take a ride. The B-29 is the same type of airplane that dropped Little Boy and Fat Man, the atomic bombs dropped on Japan to end the Pacific War. FIFI will be in Michigan as part of the AirPower History Tour.

(As the photo with the cast in this story shows, "FIFI" also had a bit part on "Better Call Saul")

Oakland County Intl. Airport is west of Pontiac southwest of Great Lakes Crossing mall. FIFI will be landing there on July 1st and  will offer rides from that Wednesday through Sunday. Other aircraft, including a Stearman biplane and T-6 Texan, which were both part of training for early fighter pilots, will be also available for rides.

I had a chance to take a ride in FIFI several years ago (and fly formation with her over the city of Pittsburgh). This would be a once in a lifetime trip, if you're into historic aircraft. You'd be surprised after seeing how big a B-29 is, at how tight the interior was for the crew members.

And if you can't swing the "FIFI" ride, trust me, the T-6 and the Stearman rides would be a ball, too.

Send photos if you take a ride or get up close. Here are the details.


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