Last Saturday, the MSU Spartans wore lime green colors when they beat Maryland. The Izzone wore the same lime green (MSU called it Mean Green) shirts. And although it was not the official "MSU Green",(which is "a thing" and the official color of everything MSU) according to the Free Press, it was a big deal for the school because it made MSU part of Nike's elite Hyper Disruption line.

The players liked them and possible recruits liked them, so Coach Izzo liked them, too. Coach Izzo said, "I know they're crazy, but 17-year-olds like them and right now I like 17-year-olds more than 80-year olds," Izzo said.

If you didn't like them, here's the good news - they won't be back this season.

If you DID like them, you'll be able to buy them at all the usual outlets next month.

Here's the story.


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