A new study out says if you only have two social security checks to retire on, Grand Rapids, Michigan is one of the ten best places in the U.S. to retire. According to U.S. News and World Report, Grand Rapids makes the list because a married couple living on two Social Security checks can comfortably pay for their expenses in Grand Rapids. Then there's the "impressive arts scene", the outdoor recreation and the health care available in Grand Rapids.

Well, I say we've got museums and East Lansing and Old Town for the arts. You're in the middle of the state here, so you're a short drive away from any sort of fishing, hunting, hiking or any recreation you want. And we have two major hospitals.

Let me add to that - the Lansing area is an even cheaper place to live. Here are the facts..

Plus, you have better entertainment every morning on the radio. And don't say, "tell me more about that."

Of course Michigan is no Florida, but to that I say two words: Hurricane Matthew.


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