You could feel the excitement, it was as they say "at a fever pitch" when earlier today Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer lifted the "Stay At Home" order and the rest of our state now follows what happened a couple weeks ago Up North.

We are officially in Phase 4 for the whole state. Here's all the info about what all this means here.

It lead me to wonder, what am I going to do when I don't have to stay at home anymore? Especially on the weekend? I know my wife was extremely excited about the possibilities of going out for dinner and a cold beverage. Well, she didn't say she was excited, but it seemed that she was because it was literally microseconds after Governor Whitmer breathed the words that "Stay At Home" was lifted and I was getting a text. Okay, she sent me a few texts about the news.

And I can't blame her. She has been keeping us both fed during this whole pandemic and I think she's been looking forward to being able to enjoy someone else's cooking. You're probably wondering, "Well why isn't he doing any cooking?" Well because the great extent of my cooking ability involves microwaving pizza rolls or asking you if you'd like your Cap'n Crunch with or without milk.

So yes, my wife has logged some pretty serious frequent flyer miles with meal preparation over the past few weeks. My wife's work schedule and mine are different so we usually don't get to sit down much during the week for a meal and the pandemic has created a little more time at home to be able to enjoy a bite together. I have to admit that I think she's really enjoyed my company...

So where am I going in Michigan now that we've reached Phase 4? I'm going to take my wife out to dinner.

I know she'll enjoy it and I'm pretty sure she won't be picking a place that serves pizza rolls and Cap'n Crunch.

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