I love when I get the chance to catch my favorite artists when they come through town, because there's such a different experience that you get with live music versus listening to the album for the dozenth time. There's an energy that comes with a live performance that is like no other.

If you too love to catch live music, this year will be filled with some awesome tours. Plenty of your favorite artists will be coming through Michigan this year, which means there will be plenty of chances for you to see some of your favorite artists. Plus, they'll be at a variety of locations; From big venues like Van Andel Arena and Little Caesars Arena, to more intimate ones like The Intersection and 20 Monroe Live. And since it's still very early in the year, you have plenty of time to make a game plan and mark your calendar for the shows you wanna see. Take a look at the gallery below to find out when and where your favorite country artists will be in Michigan!

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