For the coaster enthusiasts out there, Michigan has a must-ride coaster for you.

Most Michigan thrill seekers are well versed in the realm of roller coasters. Being just hours from both Michigan's Adventure and Cedar Point most of us have grown up with some of the biggest and best coasters in the world. West Michigan is home to a must-ride roller coaster for all thrill-seekers out there.

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Located inside of Michigan's Adventure in Muskegon County, Shivering Timbers is the fourth-longest wooden roller coaster in the world. This wooden beast comes in at 5,383 feet with its out and back design. It cost $4.5 million to make and reaches speeds of 57 miles per hour. Shivering Timbers starts with a 122-foot lift hill followed by camelback hills, bunny hops, a 630-degree helix, and plenty of "ejector air-time." Each year, Shivering Timbers is ranked among the best wooden roller coasters in the world and has received Golden Ticket Awards every year.

What are the longest wooden roller coasters in the world?

Shivering Timbers is the fourth-longest wooden roller coaster in the world, but how does it compare to the rest? The five longest wooden roller coasters in the world are:

  1. The Beast
    1. Location: Kings Island in Ohio
    2. Length: 7,359 feet
  2. The Voyage
    1. Location: Holiday World & Splashin' Safari in Indiana
    2. Length: 6,442 feet
  3. T Express
    1. Location: Everland in South Korea
    2. Length: 5,383.8 feet
  4. Shivering Timbers
    1. Location: Michigan's Adventure
    2. Length: 5,383 feet
  5. Jupiter
    1. Location: Kijima Amusement Park in Japan
    2. Length: 5,249 feet

Yea, you read that right. Shivering Timbers is only 0.8 feet shorter than the number three ranked T Express in South Korea. If I were Michigan's Adventure I would try to renovate and add one more foot somehow.

Source: Wikipedia

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