Clearly, the Upper Peninsula is having an identity crisis. Earlier this year, in an incident not of their making, the U.P. was awarded to Wisconsin by the graphic artists of Mountain Dew. Apologies were made, corrections were issued and things returned to normal. Now, like some hostage suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, the Upper Peninsula wants to rejoin Wisconsin. And the reason

The Yoopers have always been Green Bay Packers fans. For years, nobody argued with that as the Packers racked up Super Bowl wins and the Lions...well, we all know how that's been. But, things have changed and the Lions have played well against the Packers lately. Should be a good game tonight on Monday Night Football.

But now comes college football. The Wisconsin Badgers are a tough team. And this year they've bested Central Michigan, Michigan and Michigan State. Easily. And because of that - we get this:

Ha! Just wait until you need help with Bigfoot attacks on your pastie shops.

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