Mexican food lovers now have two more choices in the area to try out and enjoy.

They are Taqueria El Chaparrito in Old Town on East César E. Chávez Avenue and Tacos Monterrey on Washington Avenue, downtown.

According to the Lansing State Journal, Lourdes Casillas and her husband Saul Martinez first ran a Mexican taco cart in the area but decided that they should open a restaurant due to Michigan weather changes limiting their cart operation. Both Lourdes and Saul have many years of cooking experience and serve food in Taqueria El Chaparrito that is a combination each of their families recipes.

Joining Taqueria El Chaparrito in the Mexican restaurant business is Tacos Monterrey, which opened for business this week.

The story behind this restaurant is that Ismael Alejandro Puente Rodriguez's came from Monterraey, Mexico, where his family operated a food truck, wanting one day to own a restaurant. Ismael moved to the area four years ago, working at area Mexican restaurants. His family followed him here three years later and their dream was finally realized.

Rodriguez oversee's the front of the restaurant while his mother handles the cooking, which features dishes created by his grandmother.

Get more info on the two new restaurants from the Lansing State Journal article here.

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