Are you a small-town soul, a big city dreamer, or, like many of us, a happy suburban dweller? Regardless of where you land, certain qualities make a city truly remarkable—think fantastic weather, vibrant attractions, lively entertainment, and ample job opportunities.

The World's Best Cities has taken all these factors into account to curate their list of the 100 Best Cities in America.

Best Cities in America

World's Best Cities unveiled their list of the 100 Best Cities in America, and they didn’t just wing it. Their approach is as systematic as it is thorough. Curious about their secret sauce? Here are the categories they used to measure the greatness of a city:

  • Place: Evaluates the overall quality of a city's environment, including weather, safety, and neighborhoods.
  • Product: Looks at a city's institutions and attractions like museums, sports teams, and landmarks.
  • Programming: Assesses arts, culture, and entertainment options, from dining and nightlife to shopping.
  • People: Considers the diversity and education levels within the city.
  • Prosperity: Examines employment rates, income levels, and the presence of major companies.
  • Promotion: Measures how often the city is featured online through Google searches, social media check-ins, and reviews.

Michigan Cities That Made the List

Using these criteria, World's Best Cities determined that three Michigan cities are exceptional enough to make the cut. And while Michigan didn't snag the top spot—New York City claimed that honor—three of our cities made a strong showing.

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Securing the 75th spot, Lansing scores well in place and prosperity. Our capital city is a gem with its safe neighborhoods and strong community vibe.

Grand Rapids

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At number 63, Grand Rapids impresses with high rankings in place and prosperity. Its blend of charming neighborhoods and thriving local economy makes it a standout.


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Leading the pack for Michigan, Detroit comes in at number 29, with top scores in product and promotion. From its rich cultural heritage to its dynamic arts scene, Detroit truly shines.

So, whether you're a die-hard Detroiter, a Grand Rapids enthusiast, or a Lansing lover, Michigan has some truly amazing cities to boast about. Dive deeper into the rankings and see how your favorite city stacks up here.

Remember, wherever you call home, there's always something special about the place you love. Michigan, with its mix of vibrant urban centers and cozy towns, truly offers the best of all worlds.

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