How many times each summer do we hear someone say, It sure is a hot one today, Huh? Now that we officially hit the 90's we have to look for ways to keep cool this summer. Here is how my luck runs, I just moved into a brand new building and the first day I used the air it was not blowing cool at all.  I could not get Miantence there soon enough because I keep it very cool in my place and like to sleep with a blanket at night.

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They say to keep your energy bills down you should have a ceiling fan in every room. Many of us keep our air conditioners pretty busy this time of year.  We never had one growing up in Chicago and I'm not sure how we got through those hot, humid summers.

Get The Right Ceiling Fan

Choosing the right ceiling fan can help cool off that overheated electric bill and keep you cooler according to  These fans have been around for many years and they don't keep the temperature low in a room. They actually cool you off by the draft of air that moves over your body. So it feels cooler.


Paula Machado relies on three ceiling fans, plus a little air conditioning .We have the ceiling fans on all day long in the entire house to help it cool off. And it’s important because one, it saves our electric bill somewhat, and two, it really helps extend the life of our AC," she said


A Small Investment To Stay Cool

I don't have ceiling fans in my apartment, I sure can tell the difference from having them before in my other homes.  Plus I am on the top floor and heat rises. I do have a few floor fans that do help keep the air flowing.  Also, remember that between 2 pm and 7 pm is when your energy bills will be much higher.  Ceiling fans are a good investment and easy on our wallets.  Stay cool Kids.

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