So the last few months I have been out to the Mount Pleasant area, 3 out of the 4 times it was to see a concert at Soaring Eagle Casino.  Keith Urban, Tim Mcgraw, and Miranda Lambert.  Really liked the venue, and the weather was pretty good for all the shows.  Fun to be at concerts again.

Well, each time I went out there I noticed more and more windmills, the last time I went I was actually in the passenger seat so I really noticed how many there were. Wow, there were a lot.  I have never seen so many in one area.  I found it calming to watch as they gracefully turned as they baked in the sun.

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Now I was curious, so did a little homework as I wondered about why they needed so many near Mount Pleasant off US-127.


A little over a couple of years ago according to, DTE Energy's Pine River wind park began its run.  It has 14 wind parks and 31 solar projects. Pretty huge huh?

Pine River is the largest operating wind park in Michigan. It has 65 turbines and will produce enough clean energy to power more than 54,000 homes. According to DTE, the park will offset 300,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, the equivalent of taking 63,000 cars off the road. DTE is investing in wind parks and solar energy as part of its goal to reduce carbon emissions by more than eighty percent by 2050.


I found this so interesting and it was just so crazy to see all these windmills gently and tirelessly working on those nice sunny evenings.

Modern windmills as we know them today have been around for a long time, since the 8th and 9th century according to, They have come a long way.  and will continue to help our great state of Michigan grow. and prosper.

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