The holidays are a time when we are taught to give to others. Maybe more than we receive. This is going to be a tougher year financially for many people, so how far down in our pockets do we need to dig? The holidays are a time for family, friends, and good will, so we should show some Christmas spirit to the people who help us out every day of the year. I generally tip more at restaurants this time of year.

Here are some thoughts from

The rules for holiday tipping are a little different this year. Delivery workers are working double-time, and service industry workers are seeing fewer clients and putting their health on the line. So consider adding a little something extra to the extra you’d ordinarily share this time of year. When you can, try to leave tips this year without using cash, or better yet, without contact of any kind via a mobile wallet, tap-to-pay credit/debit card readers, or an app such as Venmo.

You obviously can't tip everyone, so pick the folks in your day to day that make your life easier. Maybe the paper boy that never misses a day. The mail or UPS person that makes sure you get your package. The babysitter or housekeeper is also someone we should all take of. Maybe someone that just needs it because they are struggling because of the pandemic.

Who are you going to go out of your way this Christmas to give a nice tip to?

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