If you have an Android smartphone, don't download any beautiful mountain lake photos to use as wallpaper. Because it might make your phone have a meltdown.

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According to Popular Mechanics, during the last week, it's come to the attention of the internet that people's Android phones - especially Samsung and Google Pixel phones, were having serious problems after the users had downloaded one particular photo - and set that photo as wallpaper. The photo is of a sunset on St. Mary Lake in Montana's Glacier National Park. In the photo are clouds and mountains and the lake and a lot of contrasting colors. (By the way, Wild Goose Island in St. Mary Lake is the opening shot used in the 1980 film, "The Shining". (pause...pause...pause) Freaky, huh?)

For some Android phones - the photo is a little too much. The phone's software can't handle it. I'm sure there will be a fix for it soon, but until then - back to the photo you took of the bee in the flower, or your friends on that night you can't remember.

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