Most kids just love baseball growing up, not only going to a major league game but also playing themselves with a dream of making it to the big leagues someday.  I played tee ball and was in the little league as a kid and it's a lot of fun for kids.

Also will not forget the first major league game I went to, the thrill of walking into Wrigley Field to watch the Chicago Cubs for the first time. Never forget the summer smells of the Ivy on the outfield wall.

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Well, the city of Grand Ledge has something to be excited about especially for their kids.  They will have a new youth baseball field with ADA-compliant viewing areas and connecting trails into Fitzgerald Park. It should be ready to PLAY BALL by the summer of 2023.

Cost Of The New baseball Facilty

The new field will be adjacent to Fitzgerald Park and will about $225,000. The city did get a grant for $134,700 the from Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund to help cover the cost.


Currently our youth baseball teams have to travel to other communities in order to play because we have just one regulation ball field for the pony league and those middle league ages,” Logel said. The Grand Ledge Youth Baseball, a nonprofit for more than 50 years gave $30,000 while the city will pay $59,900 for the project.


When Will It Be Ready To Play Ball?

Here is the time frame, construction will start late next year and Mayor Thom Sowle believes the new field will be great fun for everyone starting in the summer of 2023.

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