There are lots of businesses across Michigan where tipping is customary and expected. However, after a recent experience, I think tipping in Michigan is really getting out of hand.

Hold on tight, because this is a little bit of a rant, but I feel you'll agree.

Tipping Culture is Getting Out of Hand

I was recently at a Detroit Tigers game when I got thirsty. And as one does when thirsty, I got myself a drink. Comerica Park has these new areas set up where you can just walk up, grab a beverage out of a standing cooler, head through self-checkout, and be on your way. It's a very fast and convenient thing if all you want is a quick bottle of water.

Here's where the rant comes in:

As I was wrapping up my transaction (for my $6 bottle of water, mind you), the self-checkout kiosk asked if I wanted to leave a tip.

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Tip, whom? Who the heck am I tipping here? Because the last time I checked, I took care of this whole transaction by myself...

No one helped me. No one checked me out. No one made me a cocktail. No one had to reach up on the highest shelf to grab me something. I simply opened the cooler door, grabbed a bottle of water, and checked myself out.

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So again, I ask, who am I tipping?

Honestly, you should tip me at this point because I took care of this whole transaction by myself.

Who Should You Tip?

Overall, I abide by tipping culture; I tip my bartender, my server, my hairdresser, and a slew of other service workers. But therein lies the point; I tip service providers, and no one provided me a service in this instance. So I think I'll keep my money this time, Comerica Park. Also, you charged $6 for a water bottle, I'm sure you make enough profit that I don't have to tip employees who don't do anything for me.

Okay, rant over. If you're still with me at this point, thanks for sticking around as long as you did. You can now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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