IT'S FINALLY HERE! Well, almost...

According to the Lansing State Journal, Art's Pub (formerly Art's Bar) is all ready to go for their Grand Opening on Monday, June 18th at 7 am sharp! And there's a lot that you can expect for the grand opening.

If you were a patron of the former Art's, you can expect the same great pizza you've always had! The new owners bought the recipe when they purchased the bar, so if you want that same pepperoni pizza that you've always gotten from Art's, it'll be there. Other things that'll be familiar to regulars of Art's will be shoopers: "a 32-ounce goblet filled with draft beer", as well as the MSU basketball and football murals that were on the walls. The murals themselves sadly had to come down because they were painted directly onto the dry wall, but before they were taken down they were photographed and turned into giants prints that are now hung on the walls.

There are also a ton of new things to be excited about as well! The menu, while still retaining the classic pizza recipe, will have lots of new variety. There's the "Captain Insano" pizza that's super spicy; there's going to be a breakfast pizza with sausage gravy and fried chicken on it (which sounds like the perfect hangover cure); plus, "almost two dozen varieties of burgers, six types of nachos, 10 types of wings, 8 types of fries, 8 different arepas and 20 different pizzas." Oh, and did I mention there was an outdoor patio? Which will be perfect for summer! Get more details about Art's Pub and their grand opening here!

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