Earlier this year, we learned about a Speakeasy that was supposed to be opening on Grand River in East Lansing.

The Goat on Grand River Speakeasy

The appropriately named, The Goat on Grand River, was supposed to open in the Brookfield Plaza at the corner of Grand River Avenue and Hagadorn Road in East Lansing. Taking over the old The Cosmos/Punk Taco space.

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I say, "was supposed to" because they are no longer opening at that location.

What's Happening with The Goat on Grand River?

According to a post on The Goat's Facebook page, it seems like there was a parting of ways between some of the partners, and the current owners are looking to get a fresh start.

The Goat still intends to open but at an entirely new location. At this time, they've not announced where they plan on moving to. However, they did give us a general timeline on when we can expect them to be open, and that's this fall.

The Goat Catering and Partners does have some plans in the interim. They're going to be spending time at local farmers' markets, like the South Lansing one, and selling food.

Take a look at the deliciousness they brought to the South Lansing Farmers Market.

East Lansing Businesses

I don't know what it is with that corner location within the plaza, but it seems like a restaurant hasn't stayed there for very long. Before The Cosmos/Punk Taco had that space, a Bagger Dave's Burger place was there.

I hope that The Goat has better luck at their new location! It's always awesome to see a new business blossom in the area.

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